August 1 - September 30, 2015. First Floor Gallery, Barrie, Ontario.
A two-person exhibition by M.E. Sparks and Tyler Durbano.

M.E. Sparks and Tyler Durbano both attended NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where they fostered an open dialogue and on-going critique about each other’s artwork. Upon graduation, both artists accepted a one year artist residency through NSCAD University before moving apart to pursue artistic careers in different cities. Sparks and Durbano continue to collaborate through artistic projects and long-distance studio critiques.

Drift, a collaborative series of paintings, acts as a continuation of the artists' dialogue. Created within their respective cities, Barrie, Ontario, and Vancouver, BC, the paintings correspond to a set of directions that lead the artists along unexpected routes. A dialogue develops between the paintings as each artist provides a unique interpretation of the prescribed direction, capturing a view of their city from an unfamiliar vantage point.

Drawing inspiration from the historical concept of the dérive, the artists playfully wander and explore to see their urban surroundings in a new way. Together, Durbano and Sparks perform a separate yet parallel drift through their cities in search of the next moment to capture. The work in this exhibition acts as a link between the artists’ cities and a view into their individual practices.