Man Cave

November 21 - December 19, 2015. Art in House, Barrie, Ontario.
A two-person exhibition by Tyler Durbano and Sean George.

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." Winston Churchill

It is believed that the term man cave was first used by author John Gray in his book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. In chapter three, Gray discusses that when men feel stressed they go to their cave to have some solitary time, while women talk though their issues with others. We know, however, that spaces designated as male have existed for a long time and are utilized for a variety of reasons.

Male sanctuaries allow for solitude, acceptance, belonging, bonding and exclusivity. On the other hand, issues of hierarchy and control can also come into play. Man Cave aims to explore the male environment while asking questions about their role in contemporary society and how these environments are challenged by a world where equal rights are levied. 

Men set up their environments through careful research, collecting and displaying their objects. It's a display of their decision making process; when we visit anyone's home, we get a sense of the owner through their objects. In a man cave we see a concentration of items that define the owner's interests.

Video for Man Cave by Tyler Durbano and Sean George. Filmed and edited by Sarah Caldwell.


Artist talk for Man Cave. Video by Art in House